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Testimonials from our Interns

Jake Gomez

Western University College of Veterinary Medicine
Class of 2018

My two-month summer at Tulare Veterinary Hospital was by far the best summer of my entire professional career. Dr. Linderman and Dr. Rodriquez bestowed a phenomenal amount of trust in myself, allowing me to assist in surgeries and make medical decisions with multiple patients. The knowledge that I am taking away from this program only goes to demonstrate the amazing teaching abilities of each of them. Dr. Linderman provided me with a surplus of small animal knowledge. With her supervision, I was able to practice my surgical skills and learn medical information which will be essential in my future. Dr. Rodriquez taught me the importance of not only palpating as a dairy practitioner, but he highlighted the importance of communication and relationships, something I was not taught in school. The technical staff at TVH provided amazing physical support; I was able to practice and perfect clinical skills which are necessary to become a better Doctor. This program allowed me to truly get a solid foundation on what I want to do in the future and how it should be done. There was not a day that passed in which I dreaded going into work. Tulare Veterinary Hospital truly taught me how to provide the best medicine possible. This program was an amazing experience and I am forever grateful for the skills, knowledge, and relationships that I developed.

Emily Pietrowicz

Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine
Class of 2018

Overall, the summer experience from TVH was above and beyond my expectations. I feel much more confident in my surgical, technical, and client communication skills based on the roles I was able to fill in the clinic. I really enjoyed being able to work in small animal medicine most of the time, since that is where my interest lies, but was exceptionally surprised how much I liked going out to the dairies with Dr. Rodriguez. Both doctors are excellent teachers and I learned so much in a short period of time. I will be highly recommending the practice to students and new graduates at Michigan State.

One thing I especially appreciated was how much TVH tried to educate me about the business behind successful veterinary medicine. I personally feel that this aspect is extremely lacking in our education as is, and although I have been supplementing my classes with extra-curricular work in the Veterinary Business Management Association, I found all the advice and tips for running a business and things to watch out for was extremely helpful.

I also enjoyed working around doctors with different personalities, including the relief doctors. It helped me to see different ways to practice medicine and work with different expectations for the patient care, medical treatments, and staff management.

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