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Diagnostic Services at Tulare Veterinary Hospital

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  • In-House Veterinary Laboratory in Tulare CA

At Tulare Veterinary Hospital, we have advanced diagnostic equipment that can properly and accurately diagnose underlying conditions in your pet. Our hospital offers radiographic imaging and complete laboratory testing to screen for any underlying conditions that your dog or cat may have.


Radiographs (or x-rays) are a common imaging tool used to examine your pet’s internal organs, including the cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems. Our veterinarians may use x-rays to:

In-House Laboratory

Our facility features a laboratory that allows us to evaluate your pet’s health using simple testing procedures. With advanced diagnostic technology, we can quickly diagnose the condition and find a solution or treatment as quickly as possible. At our in-house lab, we can perform tests such as:

In the event of an emergency, we can perform certain tests to help provide a quick diagnosis and begin a course of treatment. In some cases, we may also consult with a team of internists and pathologists on lab tests submitted to any outside labs.

Specialist Services

If your dog or cat requires an ultrasound (a real-time imaging procedure), or an endoscopy (a minimally invasive exploratory procedure), we can refer you to an outside specialist who will perform the procedure. For more information about our in-house diagnostic care or specialist services, please call at (559) 686-8544.


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