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Senior Pet Care at Tulare Veterinary Hospital

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At Tulare Veterinary Hospital, we believe that caring for your senior pet requires more than simply treating problems as they arise. By emphasizing your pet’s wellness throughout their life with a comprehensive preventative health care plan, we can significantly increase their long term health and comfort.

It’s crucial that your senior dog or cat receives regular preventative care to prevent or treat the diseases that older pets are more prone to, such as bone and joint problems, hormone disorders, cancer, and diseases of the kidney, heart, and liver. Animals age at a much faster rate compared to humans, so biannual wellness visits are strongly recommended to make sure that your senior pet is as healthy as possible.

For senior pets, we recommend biannual exams that include comprehensive blood testing, which helps in detection of diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, and thyroid disorders. By detecting these diseases as early as possible, we can begin treatment and help keep your dog or cat healthy.

Senior Pet Exams at Tulare Veterinary Hospital include:

Signs of Underlying Illness in Your Senior Pet

The following warnings signs could indicate a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible:

To schedule your pet’s senior wellness exam, call us today at (559) 686-8544.


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